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Startup SG Founder “Start” Track

Pollinate is an Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP) for the Startup SG Founder “Start” Track grant. Apply for the Startup SG Founder “Start” track with us.
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What are the assessment criteria for Startup SG Founder "Start" Track?

As an AMP, Pollinate will assess applicants based on (but not limited to) the following criteria:

  • Differentiated business – how novel the idea/product/service/business model/process is compared to what is available in the market
  • Feasibility of the business – whether the revenue model is sustainable
  • Potential market opportunity – how large the size of the target market is, and how the company intends to reach out to its customer segments
  • Management team – whether the founding team demonstrates passion and entrepreneurial spirit, and have the relevant technical and business skills to execute the idea.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Startup SG Founder "Start" Track?
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How do I apply for ESG Startup Founder’s Grant?

Sign up here and attach your pitch deck for the AMP’s consideration.

Is the Startup SG Founder grant equity-free?

Yes. It’s an equity-free grant, meaning that ESG does not take shares in company in exchange for the grant. However, the grant disbursement is tied to certain milestones and will only be unlocked after the achievement of the milestones. Please approach the AMPs to find out more about the milestones component of the grant.

I have previously registered a company (Private Limited) with ACRA. Do I qualify?

The applicant’s business entity should not have been registered or incorporated for more than 6 months at the point of application to the Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP). If your business entity has been registered for more than 6 months and you are applying the grant under that business entity, you will not be eligible. If you have more than one business entity registered under your name, you will not qualify as a first-time founder to apply for the grant.

What if I have already registered a sole proprietorship/partnership or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)?

EnterpriseSG will only accept startups incorporated as a Private Limited companies for less than six months at the point of application to the AMP. If you had previously incorporated a sole proprietorship/partnership or LLP that is related to the Private Limited entity under the current application (i.e. has the same business idea and/or is a continuation of the same business), EnterpriseSG will consider the six months period from the date of incorporation of the sole proprietorship/partnership or LLP.

What happens if one or more of the initial 2 applicants leave the startup before the end of the grant?

The startup should notify both their AMP and Enterprise SG immediately, and they will be given 3 months to find a replacement that fulfills ALL eligibility criteria. If the startup fails to find a replacement, EnterpriseSG reserves the right to terminate the grant and activate a clawback of the grant monies disbursed from the startup.

What are the roles of the AMP under the “Start” Track?

Before award of the grant, AMPs must:

  • Assess and recommend to ESG quality startups for the grant
  • Check if startups meet the eligibility criteria (which now includes having a minimum of 3 SC/PR employees)
  • Recommend suitable developmental milestones for startups to unlock funding
After award of the grant, AMPs must:
  • Provide mentorship for startups for at least 12 months
  • Provide networks and resources to help startups grow
  • Work closely with ESG on the progress of the startups

Apply for Startup SG Founder “Start” track with us

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